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Nov 28, 2017

Using child to sponsor someone into uk


Has anyone any experience of their ex using custody of their child to sponsor their family into UK?


I used to post on the old site about my friend's struggle with her ex who was using his child to get a UK visa. Sadly he has succeeded. not only that he now has full custody (residence) of their five year old daughter. Social services branded my friend as "vindictive and manipulative because she reported her ex for rape and immigration fraud. The judge believed them and now she only sees her child twice a month for three hours, they say she has abused her child by carrying out a two year campaign against her ex!.


We now know he is sponsoring his parents over here on the basis of them having strong ties with their "granddaughter; they have only seen her once when she was 2 years old and she did not like them. He is also going to re arrange his nephews entry into UK who was deported three years ago. We are certain that once over here in the UK they will "disappear" being given fake ID etc, that's what my friend's ex did to get here in the first place.

What's the best way to deal with this?




Dec 11, 2017

I didn't get any replies to my queries either despite contributing towards funds I'm at my wits end and it's making me ill. I know this is a new website and hopefully they will get caught up on the posts and synching from old site They all have their own battles they are fighting too so I do understand :D

Jun 5, 2018

there isnt a good way to deal with it i am afraid. My ex is currently doing the same to me and wants to use our daughter to stay in UK. Nobody seems to care to help

Jun 5, 2018

Hi thanks for commenting. My friend now only has supervised contact with her daughter. Dad can't get child benefit and tax credit due to his status. Social services don't care at all.


What is your story?

Jun 8, 2018

My ex is horrible person. Only married me for visa and our daughter is also only his visa product from his side. Had take accusations of domestic violence from him, 3 years of hell in family court i have full main custody of our daughter. he sees her every other weekend (only because judge included penal notice if we dont comply), 0 contact invetween, minimum financial support, never came to School events, no engagement in her life really more than foreseen by court. I got barring order and cost order from family court so he cant sue me anymore. But i need to move abroad for my work, so he now wants her full custody rather than letting her to come with me. I offered to bring her back every other weekend as so far. He insists taking her. I suspects he has no other basis to stay in uk as EU child and he cant let her go. I have a son too from previous relationship relationship who is included in court order as he used to treat him Well (he was 18 mnts when we married) but he dropped him home middle of xmas Holiday contact this year and never taken him again. He had kid with new gf that time. So he wants to cut off her from her Brother too for no reason. He is trying anything to ruin my life. We are still married as i cant get divorce as he plays games. Stuck

Jun 11, 2018

Hi, my friend has limited contact (supervised) with her 6 year old daughter. I used to post on the old site about how her ex manipulated things. He now has care of her daughter but she wants to come to live with her mum. The family courts are just as screwed up as the immigration system. Does your ex have ILR? My friend's still doesn't but the courts still gave the daughter to him!


You have to keep fighting, my friend is fighting a different battle to the one she had three years ago but still fighting. Keep us updated, don't give up. I will be praying for you.

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  • ange_camron-calum
    Oct 10

    Ok this is my problem, I was in a relationship with an Egyptian national (we have never been legally married thank god),I brought him to the UK on a family permit in 2015.he has had about 3 ukrc applications refused over the years but in November 2018 we won an apply through the tribunal however in January of 2019 I found out that he is legally married to an Egyptian in his home country and they have 3 children I have of course told the home office of this and that our relationship is no longer. He is still in the UK now and I believe his rights to stay were removed in july but now he is taking me to family court at the end of the month for visitation rights (we have a 3 year old).he is getting the hearing free as he has stated that I have been arrested for DV against him (a total lie) the truth is that I have been abuse physically sexually mentally financially by him since 2013,I am currently working with harbour (DV centre where I live since june/july) and I have a lawyer to help (although she has not been very helpful so far)I report my ex every week on the gov site I've been in contact with my local MP I have sent the HO many emails (around 35+) to complain as to why he hasn't been removed and I get no response at all.what can I do? Kind regards Angela
  • leatherpro
    Sep 17, 2018

    I am a British citizen who is experiencing the ineptitude of the Home Office in relation to spouse visas,and the cold,clinical calculation of organised fraudsters. The information and support of your site and organisation has proven very valuable-thank you.
  • immigrationmarriag
    Apr 29, 2017

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