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Immigration Marriage Fraud UK is a research, support and campaign group set up to stop the criminal abuse of marriage in cases where one party deceives the other into believing they are in a genuine relationship. This is marriage fraud (not marriage sham which is when both parties willingly participate in a fake marriage). In many cases once Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) is obtained, the foreign spouse leaves the marriage within days. Deception is cited in Immigration guidelines as a cause for revoking visas and passports but even when proven, the UKBA takes no notice.


We aim to campaign the UK Government to recognize deception in marriage as a crime to implement and revise the present Immigration Law concerning marriages to foreign spouses.


Since July 2012 applicant spouses need to be in the UK for five years before they can apply for settlement. Obviously the government saw a pressing need to act due to many retrospective cases coming to light. However, this rule is disappointingly not in retrospect. It has left vulnerable victims of fraud and deceit with no recourse, having been used for the purpose of attaining Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the UK. We feel that further support for people in this position is required to end loopholes in the law which immigrant spouses are willing to exploit. We must continue to raise awareness of these cases by contacting our MPs and decision makers to ensure these deceptive individuals are returned to their home countries after being stripped of their British visas or passports.



It is so important that everyone realizes that unless you begin the Parliamentary Ombudsman process you will not get a proper investigation and you will be hanging on for years thinking that something may be happening when it is not.  You must do this within 12 months. What is highlighted in every single report so far is:

1) No prosecutions for bigamy or polygamy without consent

2) No prosecutions for deception

3) No criminal investigations

4) Lots of paperwork is going missing

5) No contact made with the victim to make a risk assessment or to obtain     further information.  Plus no guidance given on what they should be           doing.

Keep fighting - keep starting these Parliamentary Ombudsman investigations.  Soon there will be enough evidence to show the systematic failures. 

One last point - if you do not like the recommendations – respond to the report and demand better recommendations as per the 'Home Office Failures put Family at Risk' PO report.

Use the Government's Allegation Management System to report a Crime. Do this at least 5 times to get a response.


Report Internet scammers or other crimes to Action Fraud link below:

http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/  Telephone 0300 123 2040, Text 0300 1232050


NOTE:  We are not part of the Home Office. 


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